Benissanó inaugurates a photographic series with confinement as a transversal axis

Benissanó inaugurates a photographic series with confinement as a transversal axis

The photographic exhibition, entitled “En horizontal y en vertical”, brings together the graphic memory of what has been the confinement through the lens of the camera of Andrea Cebrián, author and creator of this photographic exhibition.

In the words of the same author, “confinement has been the motor and the neighbours my inspiration”. Andrea Cebrián also explains that “each photograph can provoke different feelings because subjectivity is an important part of this interpretation”. To conclude, she would like each of those attending the exhibition to simply feel what the artistic work transmits to them”.

Rafa Navarro, heritage councillor of Benissanó Town Hall, is very excited about the exhibition and explains that “the photographic series that we are exhibiting now tries to show important circumstances that happened during the confinement and which we did not give the value they have, such as the human relationship that was strengthened between the same neighbours”. In addition, the councillor Rafa Navarro, recalled that this exhibition will be held in a room in the Castell (the Administrator’s Room) recently restored by the current government team. “With the restoration and setting up of this room we are giving the Castell the possibility of a new cultural space where this type of activity can be carried out”.

The photographic series can be visited in the Administrator’s Room of Benissanó Castle, between 5 December 2020 and 26 January 2021, always during the Castle’s visiting hours.

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