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The case of the souls of the castle

An innovative activity for adults in Benissanó castle. When night falls, when everything is dark and only the security guard walks through the museum, your adventure begins. We propose you a new shared cultural leisure experience. For 60 minutes you will be trapped in a castle and with a challenge to overcome. It is time to revive and preserve our traditions. The night of souls is approaching: the city, museums, castles and monasteries are filled with all a series of strange events: robberies, crimes, disappearances, apparitions, mysteries, entities, enigmas and oblivions … You will be able to survive the dark phenomena that are about to be unleashed … Is it all about the souls? Come, rescue the souls of the past from oblivion and be the protagonist of the story! Get ready for the experience. Clues and research inside the castle. Will you be able to find the formula to leave the castle and escape the phenomena that happen there? If you don’t want to be trapped forever, sharpen your senses and with.