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Encanterium, School of magic and sorcery

Varitology, potions, spells and much more

Do you want to spend a very special and different day? Have you ever thought about being able to make objects disappear, transform them or create a magic potion? Would you like to meet some of the best known wizards and witches in history and stories? If so, we invite you to become a true aspiring wizard, witch or sorcerer and develop your most hidden magical qualities.

Enroll in our classes and graduate from our school. We are waiting for you in the classrooms of the impressive Benissanó Castle.

Magic is influencing and impacting children today and also not so little ones. The Benissanó castle is a perfect setting for a proposal based on magic and sorcery in the broadest sense of the word. Through this original proposal we can spread and teach part of our heritage and our history. The subjects we teach at the school bring the participants closer to different disciplines: scientific magic, illusionism, modern magic or creative magic.

Encanterium is the first school of magic and sorcery that takes place in a medieval castle of the historical relevance of the Benissanó castle. A careful setting transports the students to a magical world that turns them, when crossing the threshold of the door or even before, into true aspirants of wizards and witches.

We have all the ingredients to make this an authentic academy for magicians:

  • A spectacular castle
  • Four noble houses that our students will defend and carry with pride
  • A large body of teachers willing to transfer all their knowledge to applicants

Encanterium Conference

For applicants from 6 to 12 years old

Enjoy a full day at our school. You will enter as an apprentice and exit as a graduate in magic and sorcery.

Includes: municipal entrance fee, classes, materials, management, graduation gala and magic show.

Schedule: from 10:00 to 17:00


1 student
30 €
Registration / enrollment for 1 student / access to the graduation party and magic show for 1 accompanying adult
Family pack
50 €
Registration / enrollment for 2 students and access to the graduation party and magic show for 2 accompanying adults.
Individual pass
5 €
Individual pass for graduation party and magic show. (children under 6 free)

Encanterium Weekend edition

Para aspirantes de 8 a 12 años

Spend a weekend at the first school of magic and sorcery. Do not miss the opportunity to sleep in a castle!

The experience begins even before reaching the castle. A few days before, our applicants will receive a letter with their admission to the school and the house assigned to them and from here the adventure begins: classes, an evening at the castle investigating a case and a graduation party with a magic show from the hand of our modern magic teacher Alfonso Junior, contestant of the 2nd edition of Pure Magic.

Schedule: from 18:30 to 13:30


1 Participant
75 €
The price of the activity includes the municipal entrance fee to the Castle, classes, workshops, games, educators and monitors, magic show, snacks for snacks at dinner and Sunday breakfast (dinner will be paid by each competitor).

Encanterium Summer campus edition

And for true fans of magic, fun and learning, we created the Encanterium Summer School. School of magic and sorcery.

Coming soon !!!