Banner in recognition of the work of health workers

Banner in recognition of the work of health workers

The Castell de Benissanó displays a banner in recognition of the work of the healthcare personnel in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

The colour of the green and purple spotlights on the façade of the castle are a tribute to the colours used by the health workers

The main tower of the Castell de Benissanó, the most emblematic monument of the municipality and one of the best preserved castle-palaces in the Valencian Community, has been chosen by the «benissaner» Town Hall to pay tribute to the healthcare personnel who are fighting in the front line against the COVID-19 disease these days.

Thus, for a few days now, this main tower has been displaying a banner of recognition and support for all the healthcare personnel. With this gesture, the municipal government wishes to pay tribute to and thank all the Spanish health workers who are working in an excellent way for the whole of society in the fight against the pandemic, and of course to extend this tribute to the other groups that are making it possible for our daily lives to continue to be as «normal» as possible: transporters, cleaning staff, shop workers, brigade and municipal workers, police, etc.

The banner, designed in three colours (white, green and black) that represent the world of health, has been designed by the ProPatiens Institute in Madrid and the slogan that appears on it is: «THANKS HEROES. In support of all healthcare personnel».